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The Hidden Language of Dying

Broadcast on November 03, 2022
With Martha Jo Atkins, PhD, LPC, SEP
Hosted by William Peters, MA

Everything living has a language — babies, the sea, forest, skies. Dying does, too. This talk with Dr. Martha Jo Atkins is about learning to understand the language around end-of-life.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • What the language of dying is
  • How to support someone when they're in the space in-between
  • The healing power of dreams (part of the language) for the dying and those who love them
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Martha Jo Atkins, PhD, LPC, SEP

End-of-Life + Somatic Psychotherapist, Founder of Dying School + Soul Stories

Dr. Martha Jo Atkins’ favorite place to work is in homes, guiding families the ones we are born into and the ones we choose) as they care for one of their own who is dying. An end-of-life psychotherapist and doula, Dr. Atkins has a thirty-year career helping children and adults negotiate end-of-life and grief. 

Dr. Atkins is the founder and first Executive Director of the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas and served as Executive Director of Abode Contemplative Care for the Dying in San Antonio. She is the author of Signposts of Dying and the founder of Dying School (D-School), designed to deepen conversations and abilities to care for friends/family/ourselves at end-of-life. Dr. Atkins’ TEDx, More to Dying Than Meets the Eye has almost two million views.

Dr. Atkins has spent the last several years combining her love of cameras + gadgets with her end-of-life work and completing a two-year filming project with her friend and mentor, Glee, in March 2022. Currently living from her suitcase and with the greatest friends in the world, Martha Jo is working via Zoom, traveling, writing, editing, and looking for the next good dog to befriend.

Martha Jo Atkins, PhD, LPC, SEP