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The Universal Language of Spirit Communication

Broadcast on November 02, 2022
With Shawn Leonard, Indigenous Medium
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

According to Indigenous medium Shawn Leonard, there is a universal energetic language that spirit uses to communicate with psychic mediums. We were all born with the understanding of this universal communication. As people grow, they acclimate to the physical world and have forgotten this ability. It is time to reconnect to your spirit and reawaken your understanding of this divine communication once again.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to receive messages from the spirit world using the universal language of spirit communication
  • How group readings happen — who decides which messages get through, and to whom
  • How asking for help from the spirit world can unfold into a series of amazing synchronicities
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Shawn Leonard, Indigenous Medium

Spirit Talker & Psychic Medium

Shawn Leonard is a proud Indigenous Mi’kmaq person who was given the name, “White Eagle Spirit Talker” by a well-respected Mi’kmaq Elder. He works with Spirit to help heal the hearts of others and teaches people how to learn the language of Spirit for themselves. His deep connection, coupled with his authentic and genuine approach, comes across during his personal readings, live events, workshops, on his TV Show Spirit Talker, and throughout his “Spirit Talker Tribe” teachings, and in his book Spirit Talker.

Shawn creates life-changing connections for those who cross his path, and through his role as a Spirit Talker. His assistance in helping others has been profound as he communicates with departed loved ones, spirits, and guides. The insights shared to Shawn from the spirit world help us better understand our own journey here on earth, and his wisdom has provided immense healing for so many people struggling with grief.

Shawn Leonard, Indigenous Medium