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{"44917":"God Is Bigger Than The Bible","44549":"No More Fear: Mediumship and the Ultimate Freedom","44893":"The Shared Death Experience: A Compelling Glimpse Of A Glorious Afterlife ","44835":"Life beyond Life-- Stonehenge, Labyrinths, and House Clearings","44918":"The Science Of Channeling","44827":"A Hundred Little Deaths Before Dying","44973":"Dialogue","44620":"What Happens To Your Loved One Once Their Energy Leaves The Body","44557":"Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born","44757":"It's Not Childbirth: Bearing Down and Letting Go","44641":"Listening Beyond: What Growing Up with the Dead Teaches You About Living","44583":"Full Spectrum You - Accessing Your Light!","44563":"The Afterlife Frequency","44738":"Tending the Dead: An Everyday Psychopomp Guide to Inspire the Living and Empower the Future","44754":"Making the Invisible Visible","44627":"Your Intentional Past Lives in History & Ancestral Lineage: Unveiling Your Soul-ology","44919":"From Death Experience To Channeling A Group of Ascended Masters In The Lifetime of Francisco Valentin","44631":"What We See when We See through the Veil","44826":"Cooperate With The Angels & Spirits Who Gracefully Aid The Transfer Of Consciousness","44886":"The Akashic Records: Beyond The Veil","44844":"Trusting Spiritual Messages for Real-World Transformation","44779":"Your \"Secret\" Source of Higher Beings to Powerfully Support You","44739":"Life Beyond Physical Death & The Non-Binary-ness of spirit","44643":"Signs From The Other Side","44640":"Visit With Your 'Departed' Loved Ones Now","44574":"How to Discern If You Are Receiving True Spirit Guidance: Know Where & Who Your Messages Are Coming From","44780":"Divination Shifts: Changing your Ancestral Outcome","44602":"Soul Stories, Higher Guidance and the Path of Self-Mastery","44892":"Healing Relationships Across The Veil","44943":"Warrior Spirit Rising"}
{"44917":"Dr. Raymond Moody","44549":"Suzanne Giesemann","44893":"William Peters, MA, M.Ed.","44835":"Sheilaa L Hite","44918":"Helan\u00e9 Wahbeh","44827":"Stephen Jenkinson, MTS, MSW","44973":"Lee Carroll, the original channel for Kryon, with Monika Muranyi","44620":"Marie Manuchehri, RN","44557":"Rob Schwartz","44757":"Erika Hageman Robinson","44641":"Amelia Vogler","44583":"Rev. Dr. AdaRA L. Walton","44563":"Mark Anthony, J.D.","44738":"Christina Lee Pratt","44754":"Ade Anifowose","44627":"Dr. Linda Backman","44919":"Francisco Valentin","44631":"Paul Levy ","44826":"Dr. William Bloom","44886":"Dr. Linda Howe","44844":"Anne Pryor, MA & Ris\u00eb Severson Kasmirski","44779":"Cyndi Dale","44739":"Ash Canty ","44643":"Bill Philipps","44640":"Mark Pitstick MA, DC","44574":"Vincent Genna, MSW","44780":"Carrie Paris","44602":"Stephanie Victoire","44892":"Lisa Bonnice","44943":"Dianna Good Sky"}


The Beyond the Veil Summit is a 5-day event taking place October 11-15 online and on the phone.

This illuminating virtual gathering brings together tens of thousands of people like YOU who are ready to explore growing scientific validation for phenomenal experiences surrounding death and the afterlife. 

You’ll hear from seasoned mediumship practitioners hailing from a variety of cultures, along with medical professionals, researchers, “returnees” from near-death experiences, and much more.  

Join this robust community of heart-centered scientists and physicians, mediumship practitioners, hospice workers, death doulas, and others  — who have explored the same questions — as they share revelatory experiences and insightful methods to interface with the totality of life and death… and meaningfully connect with loved ones on the other side. 

You’ll be in good hands with beloved summit host and award-winning author Lisa Bonnice as she asks insightful questions and opens your mind and spirit to greater dimensions of wonderment and inspiration.

Enjoy this special summit!

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