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Weaving the Web of Co-Creation Between the Realms

Broadcast on November 01, 2022
With Lindsey Swope
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Lindsey Swope shares that connecting with beings and allies beyond the veil is just like connecting with others on this side — it takes interest, time, and persistence. It works best to have a simple, fast way to connect frequently rather than complex rituals you only do on occasion. There are two aspects to connecting — reaching out, and then being open to receiving whatever comes back. Together, we will practice a simple exercise which repeated over time, builds trust leading to greater co-creative success.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How developing a relationship with nature beings is best done in a consistent manner, and small acts done frequently are most effective
  • A simple practice that can be done anywhere, anytime to foster positive relations
  • Consistent practice builds trust, which then leads to deeper and stronger experiences and co-creative success
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Lindsey Swope

Queen of Logistics for the Fairy and Human Relations Congress and Gaian Congress

Lindsey Swope has always felt a strong connection to the Earth. She earned degrees in both Geology and Geography before recognizing her spiritual call to work with the subtle realms of Fairies, Devas, and Nature Spirits. She has been involved with the Fairy and Human Relations Congress since its inception in 2001.   The 'Fairy Congress', as it is commonly known, started as an annual event held in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2021 we were urged by our allies to start an online version, called the Gaian Congress in recognition of the expansion of our network of allies. There is now also an ongoing, online community platform to offer continued support for inter-dimensional relations.  Lindsey's current job title is the Queen of Logistics, which involves working with delegates on both sides of the veil to create and continue harmonious relations between the realms.

Lindsey Swope