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How People Meet, Hear & See Angels to Get Answers, Hugs, and Healing!

Broadcast on November 03, 2022
With Michael André Ford
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

American angel intuitive Michael André Ford talks about the Universe, angels, and love, and shares how angels and many other well-known loving figures are here to help humanity. Michael teaches how people can let go, even as a group, to hear, feel, and see angels, guides, and passed-over loved ones — intention, being still, and openness are the essential ingredients for tuning in. He believes angels and other loving figures are here to help us get answers, hugs, and healing. It’s much simpler than most people think, because it's about thinking less.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The many different ways people interact with angels for assistance
  • You can be happy now, in this very moment, without a single reason
  • How to fall in love with life again, learning and trusting that angels are always around to help
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Michael André Ford

American Angel Intuitive & Author of "Listening to Angels"

Michael André Ford is an American Angel Intuitive who removes the Veil so people can hear, feel and see Angels, plus loving figures like Buddha, Mary, Sai Baba, SETH, Jesus, Thích Nhât Hanh, Mother Theresa and others. Meet passed-over loved ones/ pets too. Michael believes everyone can meet their Angels, including their Guardian Angel.

Angels are happy to assist with all matters, plus they’ll shed light on your unique life path and the opportunities before you. Experience, via the highest intent, more Love and Compassion. Get answers for your needs. Michael does not see your questions or answers.

Michael André Ford