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Beyond the Veil Wisdom Library

When you purchase this powerful package, you'll receive INSTANT (after broadcast) and lifetime access to:

Streaming Videos of EVERY session in the Beyond the Veil Summit – watch on any connected device

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the Beyond the Veil Summit – listen on any connected device

PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of 10 compelling audio and video recordings, including The Beyond the Veil Practicum Package — a 5-part video training comprised of specifically curated class sessions from two Shift courses, taught by Anita Moorjani and Suzanne Giesemann (a $206.00 value in itself!)



Regular Price: $247



“Journey of the Veil”: Finding Completion, Closure & Peace

Are you lacking closure and clarity around the big transitions, losses, or supernatural occurrences of your life? Do you feel incomplete, with more questions than answers, surrounding a deceased loved one or your own near-death experience?

Sometimes these losses and transitions can feel like a “mini-death,” and leave us reeling. There can be residual pain, trauma, and a mountain of unprocessed grief... along with a poignant longing to understand and find resolution to a difficult and very personal issue that happened long ago. 

One of the invitations of the Beyond the Veil Wisdom Library is to substantially deepen your relationship to the great mysteries of the human journey… and to receive comfort and peace around life’s big questions — Where do we go when we die? Can we reconnect with departed loved ones? What lies beyond this mundane world? 

A holistic approach to questions about the afterlife has begun emerging across numerous fields. Until recently, the scientific community refused to accept the possibility that there may be more going on during near-death experiences than just chemical or neuronal reactions in the brain. 

With the advent of cardiac resuscitation in the 1960s, thousands of people have reported inexplicable (by conventional means) experiences that seem to verify what religious and spiritual traditions have pointed to for millennia.

You are not alone in your wondering, longing, and desire to connect meaningfully with whatever exists “beyond the veil.” There's a growing community of heart-centered scientists, mediumship practitioners, hospice workers, and others who have explored the same questions... 

… and we’ve gathered many of them together to share their revelatory experiences and insightful methods of navigating paranormal experiences around death — and meaningfully connecting with loved ones who have passed on.  

The Beyond the Veil Wisdom Library gives you access to both ancient and contemporary perspectives and practical teachings that can assist you on your journey to completion, closure, peace, and acceptance in the arena of death and the afterlife.

PLUS, you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you act NOW:

The Beyond the Veil Practicum Package

5-Part Video Training From Shift courses by Anita Moorjani and Suzanne Giesemann

Anita Moorjani and Suzanne Giesemann, two of The Shift Network’s beloved teachers, offer riveting practices, teachings, and tools that will help you actualize the concepts shared in the Beyond the Veil Summit. You’ll receive selected sessions from their Shift courses as follows:

Transforming Your Life Through Near-Death Experiences with Anita Moorjani

Whether you’ve had a near-death-experience (NDE) or someone close to you has, it’s a dramatic turning point that can completely alter the course of a life. International speaker and bestselling author Anita Moorjani not only had an NDE herself, she now guides others to access this transformative wisdom.

In these sessions from her video course, Anita will take you “beyond the veil” through guided experiential journeys — opening you to receive the profound spiritual truths, unconditional love, and a “no-holds-barred” way of living so often associated with an NDE.

You’ll receive the following two session:

  • Releasing Painful Emotions & Energy Blocks in Your Body 
  • Deeper Clearing of Your Energy Field to Prevent & Heal Dis-Ease

The Next Level of Sacred Mediumship with Suzanne Giesemann 

In these the first three excerpts from a ground-breaking 15-week training with author, mystic, and medium Suzanne Giesemann, you’ll learn about her powerful approach to evidential mediumship — gaining the insights you need to deepen your mediumship skills (and even prepare to become a professional).

You’ll receive the following three opening sessions:

  • Exploring Mediumship as a ‘Team Effort’ to Deepen Self-Trust & Your Connections With the Spirit World
  • Increasing Mindfulness — Managing & Strengthening Your Energy Field for Powerful Readings
  • Discover What’s Really Happening When You Connect With the Spirit World

“Science of the Veil” 7-Video Compilation

“Best-of” Summit Sessions From The Shift Network Archives

These popular interviews from top speakers across multiple summits will deepen your knowledge of the evolutionary relationship between emergent science and spirituality. They contain an abundance of insights, practices, and teachings for delving deeper into epigenetics and ancestral healing, the science surrounding the “afterlife,” and much more. You’ll learn from experts like Bruce Lipton, Sandra Ingerman, Gregg Braden, Dr. Dawson Church, and more!

You’ll receive the following sessions:

  • Healing DNA and Ancestral Healing, with Gregg Braden
  • Soul Stealing Impacts Your Ancestral Line, with Sandra Ingerman
  • Believe It: The Truth About the Epigenetics of Your Consciousness and Beliefs, with Bruce H. Lipton
  • Results of the IONS Channeling Research Program, with Helané Wahbeh
  • The Science of Epigenetics and Our Ancestry, with Dr. Dawson Church
  • Consciousness and Cosmology, with Dr. Jude Currivan
  • Youthful Aging is a Choice with the Science of Regenerative Medicine, with Dr. Robyn Benson

A Death and Rebirth Shamanic Journey

Video Meditation With Michael Stone

Relax into this grounded teaching on the wisdom of accepting our finite nature, along with the medicine of relinquishing fear of death. This introduction by Michael Stone is followed by a guided meditation that can help foster serenity, stir wonder, and open up deep reserves of compassion. 

Meet Logan: An Evidential Mediumship Experience

Docu-Video With Suzanne Giesemann

Watch stunning footage of evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann's meeting with Logan, a boy who visits his mom and dad from the other side. It provides evidence not only of the afterlife... it also demonstrates that those who've passed can have concrete knowledge of our lives. With the permission of Logan's parents, Suzanne shares pieces of the lucid, striking conversation that she had with Logan — across the veil. You'll see his parents on screen, to verifiy and share their reactions from Suzanne's reading. Experience this clip and share in the awe and peace of knowing that life is eternal.

Activate & Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

3-Part Meditation Series by Joya Gallasch

This 3-part guided meditation series helps you center and ground, become finely attuned to your own wisdom, and relax into embodied awareness. Joya’s warm and inviting presence encourages you to drop distractions, anxieties, and chronic worries. She provides accessible tools throughout the 3-part series that enable consistent connection to yourself, and your source(s) of wisdom and guidance.

Forever Love Album

Sonic Healing Journey with Professor Jeralyn Glass

Savor this unique combination of vocals, crystal bowls, other musical instruments, and classic songs. Jeralyns sings beautifully orchestrated versions of well-loved favorites, such as Over the Rainbow, Forever Young, and Nature Boy.

Connecting To The Light

Guided Meditation Video with Music by Mary Lee McRoberts

This inspiring guided meditation with music and video was created by Mary Lee McRoberts to assist you in connecting to the "other side" — to your guides, angels, and loved ones. See how magic happens when you let go of what you think you want, and let the universe be your guide! You'll also experience a short introductory relaxation process, as well as a longer version that takes you through full-body relaxation before your journey.


The Poppet Master: A Metaphysical Comedy

Ebook by Lisa Bonnice

Lisa Bonnice's hilarious novel reveals that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction... and laughter is often the best medicine. In this clever story, you'll meet Lola Garnett — a middle-aged wife, secretary, and mom living a humdrum existence. One fateful day, as she helps her daughter with a homework assignment about Gandhi, Lola wishes for a more meaningful life. A spell opens a portal through which Lola unwittingly slips... drawing her into a world of psychic abilities, crime solving, and general shenanigans, as she struggles to master her newfound skills. Perhaps like Lola (and author Lisa Bonnice), you've been tasked with figuring out your own psychic abilities!  


Receive Inner Guidance & Revisit a Past Event

Two Audio & Video Meditations From Karen Newell

Experience two unique Sacred Acoustics brainwave entrainment audio and video recordings... embedded with delta, theta, and alpha frequencies. They're designed to support you in quieting the mind and accessing your inner world. Karen Newell, the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, will guide you to tap into your own inner guidance to receive the most important message you need to know right now. You'll expand your perspective to gain insight and clarity by revisiting a past event from yesterday, from childhood, or from a past life.


Meet Me On The Bridge

Guided Meditation by Sarina Baptista

This comforting 20-minute guided meditation helps you connect with deceased loved ones on the bridge between two worlds. You’ll start with some deep diaphragmatic breathing, progress into visualization, and then allow yourself to go to that “liminal space” between the mundane and what lies beyond. Great for beginners in the domain of mediumship, and a wonderful refresher for those who’ve done it before. 

You’ll receive ALL these bonuses PLUS infinite access to the audio and video recordings and transcripts of every summit session — empowering you with essential teachings on the latest research and healing applications from leaders and luminaries. With the Beyond the Veil Wisdom Library, you’ll find life-affirming wisdom from the Beyond the Veil Summit experts — and the modalities they use to guide you toward profound completion.

Regular Price: $247



Here’s some of what our enlightening speakers will be sharing with you...

Learn from the “grandfather” of this field, Dr. Raymond Moody, who coined the term near-death experience (NDE) — helping those who’ve touched death to articulate it in profound and insightful ways.

Trace the history of cardiac resuscitation and the countless miraculous stories that have emerged since the 1960s, with surgeon Eben Alexander, MD and spiritual journey facilitator Karen Newell.

Dr. William Bloom will discuss his core strategies for creating and supporting a graceful transfer of consciousness at death — paramount for anyone wanting to prepare for their own passing... or to support someone else.

Evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann will show how providing a preponderance of evidence of realms beyond mundane human life can change belief systems, opening minds and hearts to a greater reality.

Rob Schwartz will share unique insights into how we plan our lives before we’re born, as well as his research on the 5 main reasons we ourselves plan our greatest challenges.

Join near-death survivor Cherie Aimée, who’s been featured on The Dr. Oz Show and The Megyn Kelly Show, for a fascinating foray into what she calls “the eight wisdom keys of the authentic heart.”

Mark Anthony will offer his theories on this topic (supported by quantum physics, biology, and survival of consciousness research), and how they’ve evolved as a result of his contact with the afterlife through his own NDE and abilities as a psychic medium.

Professor Jeralyn Glass will describe what it means to have a “soul contract,” and how that plays out in your life — drawing on the hard-earned wisdom she gleaned from the passing of her beloved 19-year-old son — and all it taught her about love.

With Yeye Luisah Teish, you’ll learn about beliefs on the afterlife in the sacred orature of the African diaspora... and you’ll receive guidelines for beginning and/or improving your mediumship skills.

Transmitting wisdom from her NDE at age two, Ingrid Honkala, PhD, will inspire you to understand the purpose behind your challenges — and how changing your perception is the key to eradicate all suffering.


And much more!

Your Pathway to Understanding Mediumship & More

The speakers in the Beyond the Veil Wisdom Library (being both big-hearted and brilliant), will demonstrate an evidence-based approach to the spirit world — showing you that those on the “other side” will clearly provide evidence of the afterlife if we ask for it.

Our experts will guide you along exciting and uncommonly trodden pathways to greatly expand your insight and understanding of mediumship, accessing information from “the beyond,” and more.

You’ll benefit from the curative and evolutionary power of bridging ancient wisdom with modern science, finding your own way to integrate their methods into your life based on your unique needs and experiences.

Upgrade Now

With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:

  • The awakening that’s now emerging from the scientific study of consciousness
  • How guides, angels, and our loved ones from the other side are ready and eager to help us heal
  • Ways to connect to the other side through a healing meditation
  • The profound benefits of a shared-death experience (SDE) with a loved one
  • How to communicate with deceased loved ones and help others make those connections... for healing, closure, and a life filled with more joy and peace
  • Ways that mediumship opens you to your higher self and raises your vibration to experience your true nature as love
  • A clear pathway to demystifying death and taking away the stigma and fear around it
  • Support to enter the beauty and pathos of active grieving
  • How artists can encounter an entire support system for their work on the other side of the veil
  • The contemporary science backing startling discoveries that support the existence of angelic beings
  • That insights drawn from NDEs can help you break through fears and past trauma
  • And many more beautiful discoveries…

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

Beyond the Veil Wisdom Library

When you purchase this powerful package, receive INSTANT (after broadcast) and lifetime access to:

Streaming Videos of EVERY session in the Beyond the Veil Summit – watch on any connected device

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the Beyond the Veil Summit – listen on any connected device

PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of 10 compelling audio and video recordings, including The Beyond the Veil Practicum Package — a 5-part video training comprised of specifically curated class sessions from two Shift courses, taught by Anita Moorjani and Suzanne Giesemann (a $206.00 value in itself!)



Regular Price: $247




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