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3 NDEs: How I Discovered the Super Power of My Soul

Broadcast on November 02, 2022
With Michelle Clare
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Michelle Clare will share with you how three near-death experiences (NDEs) completely changed her connection to and framework for earthly life. Since her "narrow scope" of life's been enlarged, she's now able to connect with people's loved ones in spirit on the other side, and communicate back to us the bigger picture. None of us are living this life alone — we all have a "spirit team" that's cheering us on and helping guide us to opportunities for our soul's evolution.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • What it is like to experience an NDE 
  • What mediumship is, and how we are all still connected to our loved ones in spirit
  • How to use a conscious framework in your daily life
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Michelle Clare

Medium, Spiritual Coach, Angel Intuitive

Michelle Clare is a certified Medium, Angel Intuitive, spiritual coach, energetic healer, Intuitive Life Coach, and 3-time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor. She receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as Angels and Life Guides.

In a span of 11 years, she had 3 near-death experiences: the first in April 2000, the second in May 2006, and a monumental life-changing event in which Michelle suffered a traumatic brain injury on November 1, 2011.  Shortly after this life-altering event, she started receiving information for other people from their loved ones who had transitioned. All 3 NDEs were a reminder of unconditional love and connection that surpasses our earthly life.

Michelle Clare