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It's Time to Awaken From the Dream and Take Back Our Power

Broadcast on November 01, 2022
With Steve Rother
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Humanity is reaching a critical point as the next level of existence unfolds. The earth is changing rapidly and so is humanity. Let’s join Steve Rother as he shares interesting information about "the group." The group is a collection of 9 entities from the angelic realm that specialize in human empowerment. He states that people are generally about 80% physical and 20% spirit. In the days ahead, we will be able to carry much more of our spirit into daily life, perhaps even reversing those figures. Their work is all about human empowerment and helping us learn to carry our own power rather than giving it away to others. The group says they are here to help usher in the dramatic changes that lie ahead for all of us.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • ESPAVO means "Thank you for taking your power"
  • You have a job to do and there’s no one here right now just taking up space
  • The group is here to help facilitate the changes that lie ahead for all
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Steve Rother

Channel, Author, Seminar Leader, Empowerment Specialist, and Fellow Human

In 1996 a general contractor in San Diego was tapped on the shoulder by spirit. His life was forever changed and Steve Rother began channeling "the group". The group is a collection of 9 entities from the angelic realm that specialize in human empowerment. Their intent is to offer us a different view of life from the spirits perspective. They say we are spirits pretending to be human.

The group's information has been published each month in the Sedona Journal for the last 20 years. Steve is the author of 8 books that were translated into 18 languages. He and his partner Barbara, traveled the world presenting seminars in more than 20 countries over 15 years. 

Steve is a three-time presenter at the United Nations in Vienna and a two-time presenter at the United Nations headquarters in New York. He began broadcasting over the internet in 1997 with live audio but as the internet grew he was always pushing the edge with technology to get the group's word out globally.

Steve is a bit of a technical nerd. He built most of the equipment in his broadcast studio which he calls Studio C. Here, he presents the current information and advanced classes from the group. He channels and runs the studio by himself and practices moving between both sides of the brain. He is a strange blend of technical/spiritual and often equates the two in the teachings. He now presents the Empowerment Stream at Each month the topic changes but always a continuation of the previous month. The Lightmasters are an elite group of Lightworkers who also do work with the globe and humanity. Lightmasters are the top level of ministers ordained from Espavo. Each month also offers a free online update called the Global Light broadcast with regular guest spots and two channels each month. 

Steve Rother