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It's Not Childbirth: Bearing Down and Letting Go

Broadcast on October 12, 2021
With Erika Robinson
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

"My husband and I promised each other that whoever was to go first would let the other one know if there was indeed something...after." Erika Robinson shares the story of how that promise was kept, and how, as a diviner, she uses that experience to demonstrate to others that this life is more than our five senses would have us believe it is, and that we are each more gifted and powerful than we realize.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • The veil between worlds is gossamer thin
  • Diviners must be about the business of enlightening rather than elitism
  • With the Erika Spread you can give a reading that empowers your sitter
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Erika Robinson

Teacher, Writer, Diviner

Erika Robinson was raised in East Harlem, NYC, and desegregated a private girls' school at the age of 8. Leaving home at age 16, Erika went on to graduate from Harvard University with an A.B. in English, and received a Masters of Divinity with an eye towards the Episcopal priesthood.

Veering from that path, Erika became assistant director of admissions, first at Princeton and then Columbia University. She continues to be a college admissions essay advisor both domestically and overseas. A retired high school writing teacher with over 30 years of experience, Erika is a gifted storyteller whose joy in life is helping others contextualize their own stories. Her own story took a turn when she was suddenly widowed, and she began a deep exploration of all that lies beyond what our five senses show us. This led to studying Lenormand,  launching a new career as a diviner who uses cards and words to help and to heal.

Erika Robinson