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Making the Invisible Visible

Broadcast on October 13, 2021
With Ade Anifowose
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

We are in the middle of a major evolutionary shift — the ending of one world, and the beginning of another. Join Ade Anifowose in this session as he talks about the fact that we are the perfect ones to birth the new earth. A true demonstration of living from our spiritual nature.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • How to trust the process of life, especially in the midst of chaos
  • Why it is necessary to grieve
  • The importance of sharing your stories
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Ade Anifowose

Spiritual Healer, Coach Certified InterPlay Leader, & Sacred Drummer.

Ade Anifowose is a spiritual healer, coach-certified InterPlay leader, and a sacred drummer. Ade is a lover of humanity who is passionate about creating outstanding new and unique gifts of healing for the world. A man of many facets, Ade uses a variety of tools to move people from where they are to wonderful places they barely dreamed they could manifest. He lives to support people in shifting their consciousness to a higher level. Grounded in universal principles and healing arts, he uses his podcast, workshops, retreats, storytelling, the arts, and sacred drumming as means of opening people up, gently daring them go deeper into themselves.

Ade is a Nigerian, conceived in Germany, born in the United Kingdom, and feels more at home in the United States. He is currently writing his memoir which chronicles his struggles and journey of displacement, belonging, and identity.

Ade Anifowose