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The Beyond the Veil Wisdom Collection 2022

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Welcoming Spontaneous Contact From Deceased Loved Ones

An Exclusive 2-Hour Master Practicum With Eben Alexander, MD & Karen Newell

In this master practicum, created exclusively for the Beyond the Veil Summit by Eben Alexander, MD, and Karen Newell, you’ll discover how spontaneous communications from dearly departed loved ones (or those who are about to make their transition) differ from intentionally connecting to deceased beings with the expert guided assistance of a reputable psychic medium — and how you can clairvoyantly tune in to receive these unsolicited yet welcome messages


Using Everyday Mediumship to Reconnect With Departed Souls

A 1-Hour Video Training Session With Ericka Boussarhane

Join internationally renowned psychic medium Ericka Boussarhane as she explores practical ways to harness your psychic intuition and reconnect to your loved ones, angels, pets, spirit guides, and ancestry. Sometimes grief can prevent you from recognizing their messages of healing, divine guidance, and love rainbows, butterflies, cardinals, dreams, God winks, synchronicities, and life-after-death communication. But there really is a telephone to the spirit world. Death is not the end.



How to Connect With Spirits Beyond the Veil

A Video Teaching and Guided Meditation With Michelle Clare

In this informative video teaching and guided meditation with psychic medium Michelle Clare, she states that we are all clairvoyant, and it's just a matter of tuning in to the messages that are constantly being sent to get your attention from beyond the veil, including feathers, butterflies, hummingbirds, coins, ladybugs, and music to name just a few. She reveals how listening to binaural beats just a few minutes per day increases the ability to leverage your "clairs" — clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance.   

  • Watch for Signs From Loved Ones​
  • Create a Sacred Space to Meet​
  • Use Binaural Beats to Attune Your Energy Frequency

Love Never Dies: Meeting With Your Loved Ones, Pets & Spirit Guides

A 30-Minute Audio Meditation From Ericka Boussarhane

This guided audio meditation with Ericka Boussarhane will help you connect without fear to your human loved ones and pets who have made their transition to the other side, as well as to your spirit guides. It will assist you to reactivate your intuition and strengthen your psychic connection to divine guidance, higher self, loved ones, angels, guides, and ancestral healing.


Ask Your Soul, G.O.D. & Angels

A Guided Audio Exercise From Mark Pitstick

Gently guided by Mark Pitstick, you’ll access the inner knowing of your own wisdom and the profound compassionate intelligence of your spiritual support team, using deep relaxation, visualization, and the very effective ask your soul” technique. Let divine light direct you to improve ten areas of life including abundance, health, relationships, lifework, and spiritual growth. This approach allows input from your higher consciousness, angels, spirit guides, master teachers, soulmates, and the presence of all that is. 



Connecting to High Frequency Astral Light

A Guided Audio Journey With Shelley Kaehr, PhD

In this excerpt from Shelley Kaehr’s bestselling book, Journeys Through the Akashic Records: Accessing Other Realms of Consciousness for Healing and Transformation, she takes you on a powerful guided journey to connect with the high frequency Astral Light that will allow you to go beyond the veil between our world and higher dimensions. Find the deeply healing and restorative energies available to you by safely connecting to this loving and protective energy, and use this process anytime you need energetic support and restoration.


Why Do Souls Leave Earth & Cross Over?

A 30-Minute Video Session With Marie Manuchehri

Enjoy this video training session with psychic medium Marie Manuchehri, in which she’ll review why souls come to live on Earth, why they leave us (sometimes early), and why this should be of great comfort to you. Marie will also discuss why beings resist “crossing over” and where they go instead.

Answering the Sacred Call of Mediumship

A 2-Part Shift Network Course Sampler From Suzanne Giesemann

Curated from Suzanne Giesemann’s popular course “Answering the Sacred Call of Mediumship,” these informative modules define “evidential” mediumship — based on the scientific foundations that make the connection with higher consciousness possible — as the gold standard in spirit communication.  Using this knowledge, you’ll learn to create the most coherent environment within and around your energetic field, optimizing your ability to sense — and be the interpreter for — those with messages to be delivered.

You’ll receive:

  • Evidence-Based Mediumship — The Powerful Difference
  • Achieving Expanded Awareness — The Key to Being a Clear Channel



Transforming Your Life Through Near-Death Experiences

A 2-Part Shift Network Course Sampler From Anita Moorjani

In the first module, Anita Moorjani will guide you on a simulated NDE journey,  where you’ll have an opportunity to experience yourself as pure love and true essence — beyond your body, gender, race, religion, culture, and beliefs. In the second module, you’ll explore what’s holding you back from embodying your soul’s longing, releasing painful emotions — fear, misplaced guilt, and anger — which can create energy blocks in your body.

You'll receive:

  • Your First NDE Journey — Letting Go & Experiencing Your True Essence
  • Releasing Painful Emotions & Energy Blocks in Your Body

Your Guide to Crossing Over & Grieving

3 Selected Recordings From Our Beyond the Veil Summit Archives

In this curated collection of past summit sessions (2020-2021), you’ll discover core strategies for creating and supporting a graceful transfer of consciousness at death… how people can greatly benefit from conscious grieving… and, why resentments against someone (living or dead) must be resolved if true healing is to occur, because bad feelings can — and will — block any communication coming from across the veil.

You'll receive:

  • Into the Light: Creating a graceful death and transfer of consciousness - William Bloom (BTV 2020
  • Why We Must Grieve to Heal With Bernadette Pleasant (BTV 2020)
  • Healing Relationships Across The Veil With Lisa Bonnice (BTV 2021) 

DIY Mediumship

5 Selected Recordings From The Shift Network Summit Archives

These excerpted highlights from past summit sessions (2021-2022), provide a rich, in depth survey of fascinating discussions with expert speakers on a variety of topics related to communicating with your loved ones across the veil.  

You'll receive:

  • Dreaming With the Departed: Continuing Your Eternal Connection with Julie Beischel, Ph.D. & Mark Boccuzzi (Dreamwork 2022)
  • Visit With Your 'Departed' Loved Ones Now with Mark Pitstick (BTV 2021)
  • Trusting Spiritual Messages for Real-World Transformation with Anne Pryor, MA & Risë Severson Kasmirski (BTV 2021)
  • Your "Secret" Source of Higher Beings to Powerfully Support You with Cyndi Dale (BTV 2021)
  • Signs From The Other Side with Bill Philipps (BTV 2021)


You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS ongoing access to the video and audio recordings and transcripts of every series session — increasing your ability to make the purest connections across the veil to receive profound help and guidance.

Regular Price: $247


Connect With Your Ancestors Beyond the Veil to Access Healing and Loving Support

Are you seeking to understand more about the process we all go through as we die? Do you hope that your own consciousness (what some call the eternal soul) will continue to exist after your physical body is gone? Have you wondered how to ease the transition from this life to the afterlife for a loved one who is dying?

Instead of seeing death as something to be ignored until it catches up with you despite your best attempts to outrun it, what if you could instead — right now — access a peaceful feeling of open acceptance

… combined with a curiosity to learn more about the process, so you can help yourself and your loved ones make the most of that amazing crossover journey when the time comes?

One of the most beguiling invitations of the Beyond the Veil Wisdom Collection 2022 is to dance with the wonders of the afterlife, which paradoxically helps you embrace the present moment with joy and awe — I’m alive! What a gift!

More than ever before, we’re finding new scientific evidence to support what religious and spiritual traditions have pointed to for millennia — that there is life beyond the physical world we perceive with our five senses.

There's a growing community of heart-centered scientists and physicians, mediumship practitioners, hospice workers, death doulas, and others who have explored the same questions...

… and we’ve gathered many of the most prominent of these experts to share their revelatory experiences and insightful methods of navigating “paranormal” experiences around death — and connecting safely and meaningfully with loved ones who have passed on.

The Beyond the Veil Wisdom Collection 2022 gives you access to revered wisdom traditions and practical modern teachings that encourage you to embrace the grieving process, bringing closure, peace, and acceptance in the arenas of death and the afterlife. You’ll emerge transformed — without fear of the unknown holding you back from embodying your fullest expression of this amazing life you’ve been given.

With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:


Here’s What You’ll Receive:

The Beyond the Veil Wisdom Collection 2022

This package gives you the opportunity to receive INSTANT and ongoing access to:


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