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From Death Experience To Channeling A Group of Ascended Masters In The Lifetime of Francisco Valentin

Broadcast on October 13, 2021
With Francisco Valentin
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Francisco Valentin shares his firsthand knowledge of what's beyond the veil. He will also briefly explain his 1979 death experience, his multiple spiritual transformative experiences (including his unprecedented astral travel back to Source), and ultimately, how he became a dedicated channel for ascended masters.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • The nature of your true identity
  • The revealed path back to Source
  • The one message to humanity offered by ascended masters 
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Francisco Valentin

Author, Publisher & Custodian of the Transcripts

Francisco Valentin is a receptive channel for a powerful group of ascended masters with one common goal — to remind us all of the true nature of our existence, so life can make sense once again. He renders their message without theological ties, speaking directly from firsthand, personal knowledge of death experience (DE), near-death experience (NDE), out-of-body experience (OBE), astral travel, and spiritual transformative experience (STE). 

Francisco's spiritual training began one summer day in 1979, when (at the young age of 18) he "died" in a fatal car crash, returning from beyond the veil with knowledge not taught in schools. This unprecedented event set in motion a series of transcendental experiences, leading him to a revelation that shook him to his core over 30 years later. He heard a spirit of light (manifested through his son’s voice), reminding him of an agreement that he had made in 1979 to accurately share the insights of higher truth from the collective forces of knowledge and wisdom, teaching their lessons following original intent. Francisco keeps his end of the bargain by publishing their profound spiritual insights on his website, culled from over five hundred transcripts he has channeled to date.

Francisco Valentin