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Trusting Spiritual Messages for Real-World Transformation

Broadcast on October 14, 2021
With Anne Pryor, MA & Risë Severson Kasmirski
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

What if you could receive all the guidance, love, and support that you desire by tapping into the spiritual realm to receive messages from your loved ones who have passed? What if you could change the trajectory of your life by acting on the messages you receive? Join Anne Pryor, MA, and Risё Severson Kasmirski, MA, as they share their remarkable true story about the spiritual gifts they received through after-death communication with their friend who passed. Experience Anne creating a Lovitude soul painting as Risё describes the actions they took to bring their new gifts out to the world to inspire others.

Soul painting during session


In this session, you'll discover:

  • How the spirit world communicates with us 
  • How to connect with spirits to gain insights, direction, and access creativity
  • The process for tapping into your life force to enhance creativity and innovation
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Anne Pryor, MA

Lovitude(TM) Soul Painter

Anne Pryor, MA, a Soul Painter and the creator of Lovitude, was recently featured on the Hallmark Channel. She is also a LinkedIn expert, career coach, and former executive of Lifetouch, Carlson, and Knott’s Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Inspired through after-death communications with her friend Irene to create vivid images to activate souls, she has created more than 2,500 Soul Paintings using ink, her breath, and essential oils on plastic. Anne was never formally trained in art, but after receiving her friend’s messages she began creating these paintings — works that have been referred to as “visual blessings” — which are now licensed on products distributed globally.

Anne and her friend and business partner Risë Severson Kasmirski share their story in the book When Paradise Speaks. Through her Lovitude Soul Paintings, Anne helps people all over the world trust that the spiritual messages they receive can contribute to real-world transformation.

Risë Severson Kasmirski

Author and Career Strategist

Risë Severson Kasmirski, MA, is a mystic, author, and founder of RightPath Careers, an executive career and life-coaching firm. Before founding her company, she worked in the corporate world in executive sales, marketing, and training. Risë and her friend and business partner Anne Pryor share their story in the book When Paradise Speaks. 

Anne Pryor, MA & Risë Severson Kasmirski