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Divination Shifts: Changing your Ancestral Outcome

Broadcast on October 15, 2021
With Carrie Paris
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

In this session, Carrie Paris offers a number of unique and user-friendly divination techniques for improving your life by shifting the carry-over patterns that exist in the ancestral afterlife. Techniques in casting, reverse photo psychometry and automatic writing are just a few methods you will learn through this conversation.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Changing the patterns in your ancestor's afterlife helps to shift outcomes in your own life
  • How to transform your life by approaching difficult ancestral issues with unique divination techniques 
  • That the ancestral afterlife is actually a shifting, living realm 
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Carrie Paris

Founder of & Offerer of Ancient Divination with a Modern Twist

Carrie Paris received her master's degree in the cultural study of cosmology and divination from the University of Kent, UK. She's authored numerous "Magpie Oracle" charm-casting kits, Lenormand decks and The Relative Tarot, which is her latest work for divining with the ancestors. Carrie's also co-created the "Generations Oracle" kit with Lisa Bonnice. She considers herself a global citizen and enjoys teaching her craft in many countries, as well as online.

Carrie Paris