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Listening Beyond: What Growing Up With the Dead Teaches You About Living

Broadcast on October 12, 2021
With Amelia Vogler
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Amelia Vogler grew up visiting the dead at the funeral home which has been owned by her family for over 250 years. She inherited a legacy of caring, born of a history of listening — both to those alive, in body, and to those who whisper from beyond. Join her in this session to learn how to get quiet and listen on both sides of the veil.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • The edge of the veil and its distinctive qualities
  • A guided practice that quiets the mind to receive messages from beyond the veil
  • The unique langauge of the dearly departed
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Amelia Vogler

Grounding & Energy Medicine Specialist

Amelia Vogler is a grounding and energy medicine specialist, and an internationally respected energy medicine and meditation teacher. In a career that spans 15 years, she has helped more than 7,000 individuals re-pattern their self-limiting negative beliefs through grounding practices, intuitive insight, and advanced energy medicine. She works with many people who have never felt as though they belong here, don't feel loveable, or have haunting feelings of not being enough.

Amelia Vogler