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Soul Stories, Higher Guidance And The Path Of Self-Mastery

Broadcast on October 15, 2021
With Stephanie Victoire
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

A discussion with Stephanie Victoire on connecting to the self in order to create a deeper connection with Spirit, higher beings and the other realms. Through the exploration of our past lives and gifts, we reach the knowing of who we are, and what our purpose might be.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • A wider perspective about exploring past lives and the journey of the soul
  • Why committing to a path of self-mastery leads to great wisdom, wellness and a deep connection with the world and Spirit
  • A deeper understanding of the various types of higher beings, spirit guides and how we may connect to them
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Stephanie Victoire

Channel, Healer, Author & Spiritual Mentor

Stephanie Victoire is a Mauritian Creole woman, born and raised in London, UK. She is an author, channel, intuitive, healer and mentor, offering services through her spiritual business, Spirit and Bone. Stephanie comitted to her healing journey at 17 years old when she decided she would learn how to manage her all-consuming depression, clear and heal her childhood trauma, find emotional freedom and live in her truest potential and soul truth. 

She fulfilled her first childhood dream and passion by publishing her collection of short stories The Other World it Whispers. She continued to publish and air short works of fiction and non-fiction in anthololgies and with BBC Radio. Her writing tackles the issues that keep us all from our wellness, and aims to break taboos by bringing to light meaningful conversations around identity, sexuality, trauma, spirituality and mental health. 

Stephanie believes that the healing, the wisdom, the love — medicine taught to us by the earth and the cosmos, given to us by our ancestors — is within all of us. She is here to pay forward the self-mastery she claimed, to help bring out the strengths, power, freedom and wisdom in others so that there are more teachers and healers in this world to make the necessary and positive changes needed for the evolution of this beautiful planet we call home. 

Stephanie Victoire