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Discovering The Real Meaning Of The Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Broadcast on October 12, 2021
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice
With Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz will discuss his own spiritual path and how he came to write three books on the subject of pre-birth planning. He'll talk about the five main reasons why we, ourselves, plan our greatest challenges BEFORE we are born, and he'll also share some stories of pre-birth planning.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Why you planned your greatest challenges BEFORE you were born
  • The Divine Virtues that you as a soul wanted to cultivate and express in this lifetime
  • How to better understand the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of your life
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Rob Schwartz

Between Lives Soul Regression Hypnotist

Rob Schwartz is a hypnotist who offers between-lives soul regressions (BLSRs) to help people heal and understand their life plans. In a BLSR you can speak directly with the Council of Elders — wise, loving, and highly-evolved beings who can tell you what you planned for your current lifetime (and why), how well you’ve fulfilled your plan so far, and how you may better fulfill your plan in the future. 

Rob’s first book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, explores the pre-birth planning of physical illness, having disabled children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, the death of a loved one, and accidents. His second book, Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, explores the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage, abortion, suicide, caregiving, sexuality, adoption, having pets, poverty, mental illness, and other life challenges and experiences. His third book, Your Soul’s Love: Living the Love You Planned Before You Were Born, explores the pre-birth planning of challenges related to romantic relationships or their absence including infidelity, impotence, raising children after the death of one's partner, celibate relationships, and being single. Rob’s books have been translated into 26 languages. He teaches internationally on the subject of pre-birth planning at such venues as The United Nations, Kripalu, 1440 Multiversity, and Hollyhock.

Rob Schwartz